ISAPS Prizes and Initiatives
The Olusegun Oladipo Memorial Lecture
The Olusegun Oladipo Memorial Lecture was established in 2010. This Lecture will be given annually by a senior African scholar selected by the ISAPS Board of Directors. The lecture is presented during the ISAPS Annual Meeting.Past Oladipo Lecturers

Year Oladipo Lecturer Title
2010 Kwesi Yankah “Culture and Good Governance”


The J. Olubi Sodipo Prize
The J. Olubi Sodipo prize is offered annually to a scholar, normally resident on the African Continent, in recognition of scholarship that has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field of African Philosophy. This is not a book prize, but is given in recognition of a body of scholarly work. Neither is it a career achievement award, however, at least some portion of the work for which the award is given should have been completed within the past few years. The prize includes reimbursed of travel costs to attend the Association’s Annual Meeting where the prize is awarded. The recipient of the Award will also deliver a plenary paper at the Annual Meeting in which the award is presented. The first award of this prize will be in the year 2011.
The International Society for African Philosophy and Studies would like to offers various awards for outstanding research and publication in any subfield of African philosophy and studies. Suggested awards include: ISAPS travel subsidy for expenses to attend the Annual Meeting and book awards in the following fields: (i) African and/or Africana History; (ii) African and/or Africana Law; (iii) African and/or African Religious Studies. Nominations can be made only by a non-student member of ISAPS and through the submission of the recommended books to the Committee on Book Awards. Nominated books should be work that examines substantive issues of contemporary concern in these respective fields. All books entered in the competition must have been published within 2 years of the nomination. Calls for nominations for the prizes are announced in the Newsletter and the prizes are awarded during the annual meeting in the following summer.



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