2015 – USA

Isaps 2015 conference

Venue: howard university

Date: may 14-15, 2015


Duration: 2 days, with possibility of reception the day before the conference and guided tour of campus and environs as related to the united states historically black research university experience

Theme: an african path to the global future: african philosophy and studies solutions to problems in areas of health, education, economy and criminal justice

Part i: thematic areas

Health, including environmental problems that bear on health issues (e.g., air quality, housing, potable water, sanitation, nutrition, health care and education, climate change, responses to health crises such as ebola)

Education, including all formal education from pre-school or headstart through professional and graduate degrees with emphasis on technology solutons to problems of resource scarcity and particular emphasis on the ethical obligations of african universities to their supporting communities

Economy, including foreign and domestic capital sourcing, changing employment demographics (rural and urban, farming and manufacturing), technology transfer, appropriate technology

Criminal justice, including anti-corruption measures, policing, judiciary and incarceration systems

Part ii: critical research themes for addressing african continental problems

African ethics (e.g., ancient egyptian and ethiopian, ubuntu, etc.) As distinct from other continental ethical systems (e.g. asian, european, north american)

African universities’ ethical responsibilities to their supporting communities

The african experience in the americas as it bears in all its diversity on solutions to critical african problems

Macro and micro-appropriate technology in africa

African union responsibility for continental education measures

Part iii: isaps abstracts

Abstract submission deadline: 1 april 2015

Abstract format: times roman/12 point

Send abstracts to:

Part iv: Keynote Speaker

call for isaps members’ suggestions for keynote speakers for isaps 2015 howard university conference

Part V: isaps website postings

All previous isaps conference themes and abstracts where available, especially isaps 2014

Links to isaps members’ publications emerging from isaps conferences



2 thoughts on “2015 – USA

  1. I am yet to receive the acceptance mail of my abstract

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