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Call for Papers: 24th ISAPS (2018 Conference)

Call for Papers: 24th ISAPS (2018 Conference)

Venue: University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

Date: July 25 and 26, 2018

Theme: Africa and a World Without Borders: Philosophical Perspectives on Migration, Cosmopolitanism and Transcultural Justice

Conference organisers: Prof. R. N. Osei (Chair), Dr. Husein Inusah (Secretary), Dr. Eric E. Usifoh, Mr. Richard Ansah,  Mr. Kow-Kwegya Abraham, Mr. George Aboka, Ms. Stela Antwiwaa

ISAPS executive: Joseph Agbakoba (President); Edwin Etieyibo (Secretary/Treasurer)

Slavery and migration, migration and neo-colonialism, migration and globalization, globalization and cosmopolitanism, globalization versus nation state, cosmopolitanism  and liberalism, cosmopolitanism  and communitarianism, economic and political underpinnings of migration, economic naturalism and its implication on migration, stateless citizens and the issue of human rights, wars as agency for migration, migration and brain drain, justice, brain drain, and Africa, communitarianism and brain drain, the myth of migration as threat to security and development, the nexus between migration and terrorism, the use and abuse of the visa regime, the ethics and politics of open borders, liberalism and brain drain, liberalism and open border, Africa and/or the African Union and open border.

Interested participants should send their abstracts to:

Abstract format: Times New Roman 12 point. Maximum 500 words

Deadline for abstract submission: March 15, 2018

Early submissions are encouraged, especially for those that will need letter of confirmation to apply to their universities or other institutions for funding.

Publication: Arrangements are being made with a major journal of philosophy for a special edition focusing on especially well written and significant papers that will emerge from this conference. Arrangements are also being made for a book chapter with a reliable publisher for other papers that may not fit into this special edition.

Conference fee: Delegates whose papers are accepted will be required to pay a nominal conference fee.


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Call for Papers: 23rd ISAPS Conference

Call for Papers: 23rd ISAPS Conference

(International Society for African Philosophy and Studies)

10th and 11th of July 2017

University of Vienna (Austria)

African Philosophy in an Intercultural Perspective

Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna (Austria) in conjunction with the IWK (Vienna) and the Vienna Society for Intercultural Philosophy (WIGIP)

Conference organisers: Dr. Anke Graness, Dr. Edwin Etieyibo, Dr. Thomas Hübel

One of the main areas of teaching and research in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna is Intercultural Philosophy. For this reason, the 23rd ISAPS Conference in 2017 will focus on “African Philosophy in an Intercultural Perspective”.

Intercultural Philosophy is an approach to philosophy which takes, as equal contributions, philosophical traditions and discourses from different regions and cultures of the world. In contrast to any kind of centrism an intercultural approach to philosophy takes into consideration that intercultural interactions and encounters are a fact of human existence. The goal of an intercultural approach to philosophy is twofold: firstly to develop some consciousness about one’s own contextuality, that is about the cultural, linguistic, religious determination of philosophy in its respective historical contexts, and secondly, to transcend one’s regional approach to philosophy.

We invite submissions that interrogate and analyse the intercultural dimension in African philosophy, practical approaches to philosophizing in an intercultural way, the intercultural dimension of philosophy in Africa in the past and today, from ancient Egypt up to today’s debates in philosophy under the specific conditions of a postcolonial world, as well as critical considerations towards the project of an Intercultural Philosophy. Some of the questions that we hope the submissions will address include: What is the intercultural dimension of philosophy in Africa? What role does an interculturally oriented approach to philosophy play in today’s discourses in Africa? Where are the connecting dots between philosophy in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Arabia, and Europe/Northern America – yesterday and today? What is the potential of an intercultural approach to philosophy? What are the pitfalls? Does Intercultural Philosophy provide a fair and equal opportunity at international discourse in philosophy in the sense of advancing epistemic justice in a world that seems to structurally marginalize Africa and its contributions or just a new way to colonize the mind of the Other?

 Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 31st December 2016

(Abstracts should not exceed 500 words)

Deadline of Communication of Acceptance of Submissions: 31st January 2017

Please note:

1.    Generally, visas for Austria take time to process! Conference delegates will receive letters of acceptance and invitation for the conference which can be used for visa applications. Delegates will bear the costs for visa applications.

2.    The organisers would appreciate if delegates whose papers are accepted could pay the conference fee of Euro 100 (which includes membership to ISAPS) as soon as they receive their acceptance letter. Arrangements will be made for electronic payments.

3.    At this time, ISAPS does not have any funds to assist with accommodation and travel. A list of hotels close to the university will be provided. Delegates are responsible for making their own hotel reservations and travel arrangements.

Submission and enquiries: