Membership in ISAPS is by calendar year and includes all Association publications for the year. Unless specified, applications received after 1st December are entered for the coming year. Membership renewals take place in March/April of each year. Among the benefits of membership are: a Newsletter (distributed electronically); the opportunity to participate in the Annual Meeting at a reduced registration fee; access to an electronic copy of the Membership Directory to download and print (published each May); the right to vote for officers and trustees of the Association, and the opportunity to serve on governance committees.

Membership and conference registration dues (U.S. dollars) are:

Membership and Conference Registration: $150
Conference Registration ONLY: $120
Student Membership and Conference Registration: $75

To become a member, please contact us at: The Secretary – ISAPS


4 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Please, can you tell us the amount of the membership dues for 2014 Doctor José Juri will have to pay? Can we pay it with credit card ininternet?
    Clínica Juri de Cirugía Plástica

  2. Please, tell us how can Doctor José Juri pay his membership due for this year since he always does it on line.

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